Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Swagbucks...

Search & Win

Dear Swagbucks,

I love you. Thank you for helping me to earn about $100 worth of Amazon Gift Cards. I was able to purchase a new lens for my camera. The lens has been on my wish list for quite some time. The original price of the lens was $119. After using my Swagbucks earnings, I brought the price down to $33. Thank you for also allowing me to purchase the book I wanted recently with my earned Swagbucks. I am about to earn another $15 in Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks and I wonder what I should save up for this time? Originally I had planned to buy Christmas presents, but the other day when Target had a 75 percent off sale, I took care of all of my Christmas shopping then. Now I get to save up for items I have been dreaming about. You rock, Swagbucks!

Interested in earning Swagbucks? Go here.  I have not paid one penny for using this program! It's a lot of fun, too!


  1. as a member of swagbucks, i definitely agree w/Frugal free gal. the best rewards site online to date.

  2. AWESOME!!! I totally agree! I just received my first $15 from Amazon and $5 from Cafe Press. I LOVE SwagBucks!!!


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