Friday, January 28, 2011

For the Ladies, Oooh La la!

Head on over to DealPulp and pay $10 for $30 to spend on Classic and Contemporary Intimates and Sleepwear from Valentine's Day is coming up. Make it a "special occasion." ;)

Free Mini Cookbook

Take a health survey now and receive a free mini cookbook.

New Printable Coupons released some new coupons! Head on over to print if you are interested in any of the coupons you see below.

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Steps to a Clean House

If you are anything like me, you are so busy during the week that housework tends to be put on the side. Life happens and laundry piles up, countertops end up cluttered, and toys get scattered throughout every room in the house. I find it hard to keep my house clean during the week since we are on-the-go often. I always felt I was behind, but for the past two weeks, I have used a method that has proved to work quite well. I have adopted the "timer" method for cleaning my house.

Because I find it hard to deep clean during the week, I save my cleaning for the weekends. I continue to pick up during the week as best as I can, but if I really want to do a good job and focus on deep cleaning, I have to clean on a weekend. Here is a cleaning strategy that has worked well for me and I hope that it may help you, too.

First, gather all cleaning supplies needed: broom, mop, vacuum, cleaning products, cleaning rags or papertowels, and small garbage bags. Place them where they are easily accessible to you during your cleaning time.

To start, set your timer for 15 minutes. Go through your house and gather all dirty laundry and sort. Throw one load in the washer so that it will be running while you are cleaning.

When you are finished gathering laundry, set your timer for another 5-10 minutes. Take a large trash bag (or reuse grocery store bags) and find and throw away any and all trash around the house. Empty the trashcans in each room.

So far, we have spent 20-25 minutes on a little laundry and gathering/emptying trash. You may find that you don't need that much time, which is even better! There is something about being timed that makes you a little more effective at what you are doing.

Next, take your timer into any bedroom. Set it for 30 minutes. Start cleaning and get as much cleaned as you can in that time. Organize toys, put away any clean clothes, dust, vacuum, and change the bed sheets.

Repeat the step above for each bedroom/office. Again, you may not need all 30 minutes for each room, which is great. That will give you more time for other rooms. If you do find that you need more time, give yourself the additional time to get the job done.

Check on your laundry during your cleaning time, move loads into the dryer and have start another load while you continue cleaning. Try to always have your laundry going as you clean. Fold each load as it finishes. You can set a timer for folding and putting away, also.

Set your timer for 30 minutes for cleaning bathrooms. Scrub toilets, showers, wipe down counters, and try to sweep and mop in this time.

Work your way from the back of the house to the front. When you get to the kitchen and living room areas, repeat the process and clean as much as you can in 30 minutes time for each. You may need to allow separate time for sweeping and mopping the floors, since this can be time consuming.

You can do this all in one day, or you may space it out over a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Your goal is to have it all clean by Sunday evening, so that the next week you can focus on your career, workouts, children and playgroups, and more. If you have help, this will cut your time in half. Recruit your children and husband to help you. Make a game out of it. If you feel a need, offer an incentive once everything is finished (play a favorite family game, or watch a special movie together).

Using the "timer method" has worked for me and helps me stay focused on getting the job done. When I break the tasks up into one room at a time, I feel my cleaning is more effective, and I feel that I have a place to start, vs. not knowing where to start.

Do you have a cleaning method that works for you? Please share it with us!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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LivingSocial Atlanta is running a *HOT* deal where you pay $10 for $50 worth at Vistaprint! This is $50 to Spend on Business Cards, Invitations, Photo Books, and More at Vistaprint! SNAG it now! I did! I paid only $5 because I had $5 worth in Deal Bucks to use. Get one of your deals for free when three of your friends buy today's deal using your personal link! I can't wait to make my new business cards and labels for my website!

AAFES Coupons

AAFES fed this into my Facebook wall today for anyone interested in coupons to use at the Exchange!

"New coupons are up! Be sure to check them out on our Coupons tab. While you're at it be sure to check out SUPER Savings tab as might be able to find some great deals there too." You can find the coupons here. You may have to "Like" them first before you can print them.

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If you are signed up with Groupon and you checked your email this morning, you should see that Groupon is offering a *HOT* deal right now. For $10, you get $20 worth of products. For $15, you get $30 worth of products at Bath & Body Works online store! These products always make great gifts.  Not sure how long this will last as the deal is spreading like wildfire across the net, so snag it now! Expires Apr 27, 2011.
Limit 1 per person. Limit 1 per order. Online only. Not valid on previous purchases. Must use in 1 order, no cash back. Tax and shipping not included.

LivingSocial Deal of the Day

Be sure to check out LivingSocial for the deal of the day! Last week I scored a $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ask the Readers Thursday

I am hosting my third "Ask the Readers" Thursday session today. All you have to do is read the question, think about the question, and leave a comment with your answer and read what everyone else has to say! 


Where do you do the majority of your grocery shopping and how often do you shop for groceries per month?

Guest Post: Strategies for Shredding Your Car Insurance Premium

Strategies for Shredding Your Car Insurance Premium

How much do you spend on car insurance each year? If you are like most Americans, you probably spend over $1,500 a month. Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to cut those premiums by several hundred dollars or more? There are actually a number of ways that you can reduce your premiums considerably. It is even possibly to cut them in half.

Stake Out Discounts

Insurance companies always play the numbers game. When statistics show you to be less of a liability than most other drivers, your insurance company will probably lower your rates. Some of the discounts that insurers offer include:

• Good student discounts (awarded to high school students who have a B average or better in school)

• Low-mileage discount (let your car company know if you car pool or take steps to reduce the amount of time you spend driving)

• Go to a defensive driving class

Many discounts can save you 10% or more a year, but only if you take the time to apply for them.

Know What You Can Afford for a Deductible

How much are you currently paying on your deductible? If you can afford to pay more, consider doing so. Doubling your deductible can reduce your premium by 30%. Just make sure that you have enough money set aside to cover that deductible in case you have an accident.

Ask for Advice from Your Insurer before Buying a New Car

The coverage you have to pay for a particular vehicle will depend on a number of factors. Check with your insurer to see what your premiums will be with a new vehicle. You can also find statistics on how likely a particular model is to be involved in an accident.

Decide When to Be Loyal to Your Insurance Company

Some insurers give discounts to drivers who stay with them for a while. However, sometimes you are paying too much with a particular company. Look around and go where the best rates are. It is a good idea to look for a new policy before your current one is about to expire. Some insurers will give you a 10% discount if you look early.

Always Look for Opportunities to Reduce Your Premiums

Most people never think to look for ways to reduce their car insurance premiums. They don’t know that a little diligence could save themselves hundreds of dollars a year. You should do everything you can to reduce these payments as much as possible.

Bio: Kalen Smith writes for Car Insurance Quotes, a car insurance comparison site.

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Pillsbury Cake Mix Coupons

Redplum currently has some great printable coupons for Pillsbury cake mix or frosting! Cake mixes are great to stock up on for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. It is much cheaper to make your own cake then buying it from the store already made (and you do get more satisfaction when you make something yourself!) You can even get the little ones involved in the cake baking process! Save $0.50 with the purchase of any one Pillsbury Sugar Free Brownie Mix, Cake Mix, or Frosting and Save $0.35 with the purchase of any Pillsbury Sugar Free Brownie Mix, Cake Mix or Frosting Print Here.

Oscar Mayer and Vlasic Coupons

Sandwiches are popular at my house! If you are interested, has printable coupons for sandwich fixings: Save $1 on any Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meats and Save $0.55 on any one Vlasic Pickles, Peppers, or Relish, any size. You can print them here. Remember to pair coupons with sales to save even more. If items are buy one get one free, you can use one coupon for each item. My local Food Lion often has the Vlasic pickles for buy one get one free!

I Got This for Free!

I headed to yesterday to purchase some of my favorite Organic Nugo Protein Bars. I was able to stock up on $35 worth of products for free, thanks to Swagbucks! I was able to get the super saver shipping, also. I have made about $300 with Swagbucks since joining in June, and it is still my favorite online rewards program. Join today and get 30 Swagbucks for joining!

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Giveaway Wednesday

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Digitwirl Weekly Web Show

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Technology Tuesday

Welcome to Technology Tuesday! Every week I will ask a question that has to do with technology. It can be anything from using computers, cell phones, TVs, and more. All you have to do is submit your answer in the comment form and read what everyone else has to say!


Which website do you spend the majority of your time on during the day and why?

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More Organic Offers:

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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Weight Loss Pictures

For those of you that read my story about my weight loss journey, you know that I have lost 70 pounds in about four years. If you haven't read the story, you can read it here.

Tonight I headed to the gym to teach my second kids Dancercize class. I only had two kids (4 others had the stomach bug) but the two little girls were so cute and they had so much fun. We did little songs like The Hokey Pokey, The Limbo, Bunny Hop, and played with the hula hoops.

Then my daughter and I went out for dinner and headed back to the gym so that I could teach my evening cycle class. Some of you also know that I am a cycle instructor now.

Four years ago, if you would have asked me to take a cycle class, I would have laughed in your face. Well, tonight I had an instructor ask me to take over her Tuesday and Thursday evening cycle classes, and I agreed.

I will now be teaching four classes a week at the gym, and still have the chance to sub when needed. This is a huge accomplishment in my life and hope to inspire others. In fact, I think I need to take a few of my before and after photos up to the gym to show my classes, so they know that they can get to where they want to be if they just work hard, eat right, and exercise regularly.

With all that being said, I decided to get brave. I wanted to show you a before and after photo. This is hard for me, but that was me, just not anymore. I am glad that I have shed the weight, because I feel better than ever. I enjoy that I can run around in the yard now and kick a ball around with my daughter without being short of breath. I like that when I ask her if she is ready to go to the gym, she gets excited. I hope that I can teach her the importance of exercise at an early age, as well as my little ones in my new Dancercize class.

If you are interested in starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle, please let me know! I would love to hear from you. Here are a few of my tips on living a healthier lifestyle. You can do this!

Before in 2007... Yes, my hair was short!

After in 2010...

That's the first one I could quickly dig up. Maybe in the future I will post more. But for now, thats all you get ;) It took a lot of guts to share that with you!

One Week Walking Guide

Have Fun & Stay Fit with the 1-Week Walking Guide!

OutGrowingIn Clothing Swap - Kids & Maternity Clothing Swap Free to Join!

Free Box of Nice 'N Easy

Get a free box of Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam from Clairol. Clairol is giving away 25,000 samples each day (Jan 24 - 27th) starting at 12:00 EST. To request your sample, "Like" Clairol on Facebook and then click the "Get a free box" button on their Facebook Fan page. If you don't get one today, try again at Noon EST tomorrow or later this week.

Crypto-Capers Series Giveaway

The Crypto-Capers Series is designed to involve the reader into the story. The reader must help the detectives solve the case by solving various puzzles and cryptograms. Book one gives the reader a basic understanding of how to solve the puzzles and cryptograms. Once you know how, you will be well on your way. Clues will be given to the reader, but with each case less clues are given to make it more challenging, and more interesting, which means that you will have to use your noodle, and pay very close attention to what is going on in the story. Come and join the Crypto-Capers on their first official case. The Crypto-Capers in: The Case of the Missing Sock.

In preparation of Renee's new releases coming out in March, she is offering a giveaway. The first one will be the Crypto-Capers Series. There are currently 4 books in the series and they are interactive. In order for the reader to solve the case they must solve cryptograms and puzzles. This series is great for children in 4th grade and up into middle school. Each book is educational working on various skills like reading comprehension, deductive reasoning and more, they are also science and history based. The settings are real. More info and a breakdown of each book is available through the website Renee Hand.

The winner will win the following autographed books by award winning author, Renee Hand.
Book 1: the Case of the Missing Sock
Book 2: The Case of Red Rock Canyon
Book 3: The Legend of the Golden Monkey
Book 4: The Chest of Mystery

Please leave a separate comment for each entry with your email address spelled out (ex. thefrugalfreegal at yahoo dot com). The giveaway is for U.S. and Canada residents only.

Mandatory Entry:

-Follow Renee's Crypto Capers Series blog 

Bonus Entries: 

-Register at Renee's Website.
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Giveaway ends 2/13 at 11:59EST. I will choose a winner at and will email the winner within 24 hours of the giveaway ending date. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motivational Mondays

Welcome to Motivational Mondays. This is a place to share your goals for the week. Your goals can be work related, household related, family or friend related, spiritual, financial--or any goal you can think of! By writing them down, you may be more motivated to get them done! Don't be shy! This is meant to be a fun and helpful way for everyone to gather your thoughts. No judging allowed--we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We let things go. It happens! Now it's time to get things back in order.

I'll start!

This week, I have a few things I would like to accomplish:

1. Clean out my pantry and organize it. I have been throwing stuff in there lately and just can't find things when I need them!
2. Fold the clothes that I just washed this weekend! They are doing no good in a pile next to my bed.
3. Get a Valentine's care package ready to send out soon.
4. Work on the Handmade with Love Giveaway Post (a HUGE giveaway event hosted by Simpy Stacie Feb. 2-6)
5. Clean out the truck and gather all the loose sippy cups, toys, cheerios, trash and who knows what else that may be lurking in there.
6. Make it to my vet appointment for my kitty cat and eye appointment without having to reschedule due to icy weather or a sick child.

Your turn! What do you want to get accomplished this week?

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Request a free Texas Travel Guide and Map. I am from Texas and remember that I had a teacher give us the information to order one of these. I loved it! They are also great for kids for geography/map lessons!

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