Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to Create a Free Signature For Blogger

Do you have a blog? Do you want your own personal signature for your posts? The signature is very simple to make. Follow my step by step instructions and you can have your very own signature within minutes! Then read the very bottom of this post to find out how you can make a blog button!

To make a FREE blog signature for blogger, follow these simple steps.

1. Go to My Live Signature.
2. Click on the yellow words "Click Here to Start."
3. Under "Creating a new signature" click "using the signature creation wizard (in purple text).
4. Enter your name or what you would like your signature to be and click "next step."
5. Select your font and click "next step."
6. Select the size and click "next step."
7. Select the color and background color and click "next step." (*Make sure you select transparent if you do not want a white box around your signature.)
8. Set the slope and click "next step."
9. Your signature has been created.
10. Right click on your signature and save it to your computer.
11. Under your signature you will see an ID and you will also see three purple text links. Click on the text link that says "want to use this signature?"
12. A page will pop up with your HTML code for your signature. Click "Generate HTML code."
13. Another page will pop up that says "Generating HTML Code." Click the purple text link that says "Generate a code for my handwritten signature."
14. Your signature preview will pop up along with the HTML code.
15. Copy the code.
16. Open your blogger account.
17. Click on "settings" in your blog dashboard.
18. Click on "formatting."
19. Scroll down to the bottom where it says "post template."
20. Paste the copied HTML code into the template and click "save settings."
21. Congratulations! You now have a personal signature for your posts. Just remember to write your post above the HTML code each time you create a new post!
22. If you create a signature for your blog, come back and post the link to your blog so we can see examples! Also, place a link back to this post on your blog so your friends and make one too!

Are you interested in creating a blog button? Go here to read about how I made my blog button.

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Money Saving Tip:
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Did you know:
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Friday, June 25, 2010

How To Make A Free Blog Button with Text Box

If you haven't noticed, I finally made a fabulous blog button for this blog, "The Frugal Free Gal." (*Note: My button has changed with my new design!) I am very proud of my button. I have been visiting several blogs similar to Frugal Free Gal and thinking, "How do I get one of those?!" I searched and searched the "Swagbucks" toolbar (and won a few Swagbucks in doing so) and finally figured out how to make a blog button.

My button is simple. I like it simple. It is blue because blue is my favorite color and it also matches my blog. AND..."The Frugal Free Gal" is wearing a tiara. I figured since I am a frugal girl, I deserved to at least wear a tiara. It may not be real, but it sure is cute! Every frugal girl deserves a "tiara," even if its a digi-tiara! So go ahead. Make a blog button if you haven't already.

This is how I made my blog button:

1. Go to the Cool Text Graphics Generator.
2. Click on "Buttons" in the blue bar at the top.
3. Choose your button design.
4. Design your button: text, color, shape, size (I chose 125 X 125).
5. Click "Render Button."
6. Download and save your button to your computer.
7. Save your image to an online photo album (I chose photobucket) or place it in a blog post and publish the post.
8. If you saved yours in an online photo album, copy the direct link code. If you chose to use photobucket, copy the entire address that is in the Direct Link box.
9. If you published your button in a blog post click View Blog. Then click on the image. This will take you to a new web address where you will see only your button.
10. Copy the entire address that is in the address bar.
11. Paste into a word document, email, or write down the buttons code and save it for later.
12. Go to your blogger account and click layout.
13. Choose to add a gadget.
14. Click on HTML/Javascript.
15. Type "Grab My Button" or "Get My Button" in the title box.
16. Copy this code and place it in the text box.

[center][a href="http://YOUR WEB ADDRESS/" target="_blank" title="BLOG TITLE"][img alt="BLOG TITLE" src="http://IMAGE WEB ADDRESS"/][/a][center]

[center][textarea id="code-source" rows="3" name="code-source"][center][a href="http://YOUR WEB ADDRESS/"][img border="0" src="http://IMAGE WEB ADDRESS"/][/a][/center][/textarea][/center]

All of the front brackets [ will need to be replaced with < and all of the back brackets ] will need to be replaced with >

***Also, make sure that there is only one http:// before your web address and before the image web address. If you copy and paste you may need to delete an extra http:// in order for the code to work.***

17. Go back into the code and type in your information anywhere it says BLOG TITLE, or YOUR WEB ADDRESS.
18. Save this gadget.
19. Position the gadget on your blog where you would like it to be.
20. Save your changes and click view blog.
21. Click on your button to make sure it takes you back to your blog.
22. Let your friends know that you have a blog button and ask them politely to add it to their homepage.
23. If you successfully make a blog button after reading these instructions, please come back and leave your blog address below. I also ask that you share this blog post with your friends, or copy my button and place it on your page.

Do you want to make a free signature like you see below? Head here.

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Free Home Made Simple Coupon Book

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Money Saving Tip:
Do not toss the book or coupons in the trash if you do not need the coupons right away. Remember to file the coupons in your coupon file or coupon binder and save them until you can match them with a sale, getting the item for free or almost free!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Toothpaste at Rite Aid

How to get free toothpaste from Rite Aid:

1. The circular for Rite Aid this week shows that you pay $2.99 for Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste with your wellness card.
2. Use your Pro Clinical Toothpaste Coupon for $1.00 off from the All You Magazine.
3. You will pay $1.99.
4. You will get a $2.00 +UP reward at the register to use for your next purchase at Rite Aid.
5. So, it's like getting the toothpaste for free!

Sale date ends Saturday, June 26.

Free Carefree Sample

Go here to receive a free sample of Carefree. You can also print a coupon for $1.00 off.

Free Coupons from Companies

I wrote a blog post a few days ago about writing to your favorite companies and requesting free coupons or free samples. You can read that post here.

Today I received a personal typed up letter from Mario Camacho Foods. I love their black olives and use them when cooking spaghetti and my homemade spaghetti. They sent me two $2.00 off coupons for their products and asked me to join in on their testing and tasting program, where they would send me samples occasionally.

What does this mean?

I will get two Mario Camacho can of olives for free, because the cans I buy are less than $2.00. Thanks, Mario Camacho Foods!

Remember to go back and read the post mentioned above to see how you can write for coupons!

Free to Almost Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups

There’s a new $1/1 Skinny Cow coupon available here. Use this on the small cups of ice cream which are priced at $1 to $1.29 at many stores to get them free or almost-free.

Walmart has these priced at $1.22, making them only $0.22 after the coupon.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Free General Mills Coupons

Head here to get free coupons from General Mills!

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The Frugal Free Gal

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Biore Sample

Go here to take a quick survey and you'll receive a Free Sample of Biore.

You can choose from either:

* Free Sample of Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes
* Free Sample of Biore Steam Activated Cleanser (was ranked as one of the top 25 Best Beauty Products of 2010 by Marie Claire)

Survey is only one page, but several questions long.

Free Sample of Aveda Damage Ready Hair Products and Hand Relief

Go here to print out a coupon for a FREE 3 pack of Damage Ready Shampoo, Conditioner, and Intensive Restructuring Treatment valid through 8/31.

You can also go here and print out a coupon valid for a FREE sample of Aveda Hand Relief valid through 6/30.

Free Pampers Gifts to Grow 10 Point Code

Here is a new code for 10 Pampers Gifts To Grow points: ENJOYYOURSUMMER.

Just log in to your account here and enter the code!

Another Free Sample of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

The free sample of Starbucks VIA posted recently was offered through Costco. This is offered through Wal-mart. I was able to sign up for both. I love the samples from Wal-mart!

Get your free sample of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Digiorno Deep Dish Pizza

Head over and "like" Digiornio Pizza on Facebook, then upload your picture to receive a free coupon by mail for a free pizza.

You will complete a form to receive a coupon by mail for one (1) FREE package of NEW DIGIORNO® Deep Dish Pizza.

Max coupon value is $3.28.
Allow 6-8 weeks for shipment.

Coupons for Free Products

I started couponing a couple of months ago. Since I have started, I have received several coupons in the mail for free products. My latest free coupons have been:

Free 4 pack of Yo-Plus Yogurt
Free Mac and Cheese Cup
2 Free Luna Bars
Free Oscar Meyer Lunch Meat
Free Always Panty Liners (18 ct.)
Free Kellogg's Waffles 24 pack
2 Free Taco Bell Lime Sparklers
2 Free Taco Bell Margarita Frutistas
Free can of Libby's Vegetables
Free Donut from Krispy Kreme

and today I received:
a coupon for a free bottle of the new Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner
It pays to use coupons! Search my blog archive on my tips for using coupons!

Free Samples

Here are my latest freebies in the mail. It pays to sign up! I already took some of these on a recent beach vacation. Great for travel and to stock away in your purse or gym bag!

1. Dove Ultimate Beauty Deodorant
2. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
3. Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash
4. Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste
5. Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste
6. 3D Crest White Strips
7. John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner/Lotion
8. Curel Itch Defense Lotion

Money Saving Tip:
Most of these came with coupons. Save your coupons to match with a sale in the future.

Free Coupons!

I started experimenting with something new lately and it has proved to work. I have been writing to companies, asking them to send me money saving coupons and/or free samples. So far, 6 out of 7 have sent me coupons. I received 4 letters in the mail from companies and 2 emails back with coupons. Only 1 company had nothing for me. I have written to several other companies. I will give you all an update in a few days on other companies that have replied.

Luna Clif Bars: 2 coupons/Free Luna Bars, 2 coupons/50 cents off
Haagan Dazs: 1/$1.00 off coupon, 2/50 cents off coupons
Meow Mix: Buy 2 get 1 free wet cat food, $1.00 off dry cat food
Lindsay Olives: 1/50 cents off coupon
Drano: coupon offer through their newsletter
Hain Celestial Group: 3/55 cents off coupons
Nabisco 100 Cal Packs: Nothing

How to write your favorite companies for coupons:
1. Make a list of products you buy on a regular basis.
2. Find the company homepage online.
3. Find the "Contact Us" link on the homepage.
4. Fill out your information. In the comment section, tell them about the product you like and why you like it.
5. In that section, ask them if they could send money saving coupons and/or free samples for you and your friends. Submit.
6. Repeat this process for the other companies.
7. Check your mail box or email in the next few days and weeks to see what the company will send you.
8. Leave a comment here if you have any luck!

Does this take a lot of time?
Not at all! It is easy and well worth the time. Start slowly, writing to about 2-3 a day. Then add more once you get used to it. It can be fun to because you never know what they will send you. Sometimes you will get free items--Luna sent coupons for 2 free bars!

Money Saving Tip:
These coupons usually have a long life (do not expire for a while.) Save them in your coupon file and wait until they go on sale to maximize your savings. Pair with a store coupon to maximize even further.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Sample of Stayfree Pads

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*Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in this free sample!

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Free Slice of Pie from Waffle House

Get your free slice of pie from Waffle House. Present this coupon to your server when ordering for a free slice of pie. Expires July 10th.

Free Redbox Rental- Today Only!

Get your free one-night movie rental for Monday, June 21 at your local Redbox, your unique code can only be used on Monday. You need to “Like” Redbox on Facebook and look under the “Fan Freebie” tab to get your unique code (write it down). Allow “Fan Freebie” to access your profile, it’s easy to delete any applications you allow after you get your freebie (see below).

You need to make sure you return your one-night movie rental before it’s due to avoid an additional night’s rental fee of $1.00. These codes can only be used “at-the-Redbox” kiosk and can not be used online to reserve the movie you want.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Poise Sample Pack

Get your free Poise sample pack.

The Poise sample kit includes 1 Poise Liner, 1 Poise Long Liner, 1 Poise Ultra Thin Pad, and a money saving coupon.

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