Monday, August 16, 2010

Find the Hidden Code #1

**Code still has not been found as of 10:00pm Eastern Time**NEW CLUES!

I have hidden a code somewhere in my blog. I will start out with three clues as to where you might be able to find this code. I will add clues throughout the day. I will have a small prize to give away to the winner. Tip: Use the blog archive for help!

To win, you have to be the first one to leave a comment under this post and be sure to include the code and which post you found it under. When you find the code, just copy and paste it into the comment form and leave your email address. The code consists of 12 numbers or upper and lower case letters in no particular order. Once it has been found, I will try to write *Expired* on this post so that others know it has been found. You can also look at the comment form under this post to see if someone has found it. Game will end at 11:59pm on Monday night, winner or no winner.

Let the games begin! The winner will receive this Fashion Journal from Michael's (still in the plastic) for finding today's code:


1. August
2. Free Samples
3. Sssssss.....
4. Art
5. Paint
6. Mixable Water Colors
7. Sunday, August 8, 2010


Free Sample of Neutrogena Make Up Remover Towelettes (details apply) here.

Free Sample U by Kotex(R) Click(TM) Tampons (details apply) here.


  1. Hey girl!

    Here's the code I found:

    I found it in the post called "Free Sample of Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colors"

  2. Hey Lori!! Be sure to come back and leave your email address so I can contact you to send you the free journal! Great job finding the code!
    The Frugal Free Gal


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