Monday, October 18, 2010

Do You Want Your Frugal Blog to Be Added to My Deal Watch List?

If you are one of my treasured readers out there, and you have a frugal blog but have not been added to my Deal Watch List on the left sidebar, simply give me your link so I can add it! :) It will bring you some new traffic! I would LOVE for you to grab my button or link back somehow, but this is not required! Thank you!


  1. Hopping over to follow and say hi!
    I love getting free stuff! I have a bunch of coupons for different things free- I think I'm going to do a "free day" and see how many things I can get that day for free!!
    Would love a follow back-

  2. You are such a peach! I love your list and site!!!

    Thanks so much for hte offer - you can find us at Saving In Spartanburg - it's

    Thanks and ((hugs)) from South Carolina


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