Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where Are My Coupons?

I have been receiving the Sunday newspaper for months. During the month of November, I started noticing something strange. There were NO coupon inserts in the paper. I kept hearing about everyone else getting coupons, but not me. I started to think that someone was swiping my coupons!

During the month of December, I was not home. I was traveling and visiting family in my home state. I was taking a break from couponing at my own home, but still found great coupon inserts where I was visiting. When I came back home recently, I had five Sunday newspapers to go through, hoping to find my coupon inserts. None.

I knew I needed to investigate! I called the newspaper company and told them the situation. I was told that they were trying to negotiate with the companies that are in charge of the coupons inserts. She said they were receiving several calls about it and that they would hope to get the inserts back in by January.

Interesting, huh?

In other news, did anyone watch "Extreme Couponing" lastnight on TLC? I recorded it and plan to sit down tonight to watch. I have heard many interesting comments about it!



  1. Well...I haven't heard of that particular coupon situation. But I do have to sit down on the floor of the gas station where I get my papers and carefully go through each one to make sure a couopon theif didn't get them. Sad.

    I did watch Extreme Couponing. These people, especially Amanda, were over the top for me. I understand a stockpile but I don't understand why you need a year or more of something.

  2. I've had issues in the past with not getting inserts in my paper. I'm at the point now where I go out and buy the paper so that I can double check for my inserts.

    I watched the show. Those people were hoarders, not just couponers. It's sad that some of the more extreme people put such a negative spin on something that can be so positive.

  3. Are your around Corsicana, Texas? Story of my couponing right there. Oh! And coupon thevies too! Really? I have to be sure to go through the paper before I buy it too.

  4. This is the reason I stopped getting the paper delivered, because sometimes the coupons were missing and I ended up at the store, like CarliAlice, on the floor, scouring the papers.


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