Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Blogger Spotlight

Blog #1 in the Spotlight: Brooklyn Bargainista

Living in New York City is exciting... and expensive. In order to enjoy all of the things the city has to offer, I look for ways to cut back in my everyday purchases. Couponing allows my family to eat healthy meals while saving at least 50% on our grocery bill each week. I also hunt for online bargains for gifts and other household needs. Here's a little background on how I got started:

In 2008, my husband and I had just moved from a home we owned in Orlando, FL to a rental house in Tampa, FL. We had a 13-month old and I was 8 months pregnant with our 2nd child. Within 2 weeks of moving, the closing fell through on our house in Orlando, we were stuck with a mortgage payment and a rent payment, and I needed to look for a way to save money.

I found a website that had coupon matchups for my local grocery stores as well as drug stores in FL. Once I got the hang of it, I made it my goal to save more than I spent at the grocery store each week. When we moved to Brooklyn in August of 2011, I was worried about how much money I'd have to spend on groceries. After all, I had been spending less than $100/week to feed a family of 4, and my trusty go-to website for deals didn't go any farther north than Charlotte. Since I was unable to find a local website that did the coupon matchups, I started doing them on my own. I quickly realized that it wouldn't be that much more work to post them online so that others could benefit as well.

Audrey is an active toddler who likes to help momma in the kitchen. They share their adventures and tips about cooking and baking with a toddler so that others will feel comfortable with children in the kitchen. Stop by to see what they are fixing now at In The Kitchen With Audrey.

I will continue to feature "The Blogger Spotlight" as my way of recognizing other blogs. If you are interested in being featured, submit your blog link to The Frugal Free Gal with a write up of what you would like to include. I accept family friendly blogs only. I will let you know when you will be featured. I accept on a first come, first serve basis!


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