Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motivational Mondays

Welcome to Motivational Mondays. This is a place to share your goals for the week. Your goals can be work related, household related, family or friend related, spiritual, financial--or any goal you can think of! By writing them down, you may be more motivated to get them done! Don't be shy! This is meant to be a fun and helpful way for everyone to gather your thoughts. No judging allowed--we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We let things go. It happens! Now it's time to get things back in order.

I'll start!

This week, I have a few things I would like to accomplish:

1. Clean out my pantry and organize it. I have been throwing stuff in there lately and just can't find things when I need them!
2. Fold the clothes that I just washed this weekend! They are doing no good in a pile next to my bed.
3. Get a Valentine's care package ready to send out soon.
4. Work on the Handmade with Love Giveaway Post (a HUGE giveaway event hosted by Simpy Stacie Feb. 2-6)
5. Clean out the truck and gather all the loose sippy cups, toys, cheerios, trash and who knows what else that may be lurking in there.
6. Make it to my vet appointment for my kitty cat and eye appointment without having to reschedule due to icy weather or a sick child.

Your turn! What do you want to get accomplished this week?


  1. I just cleaned out my kids closets, and now onto my own. Then I need to list items to sell and take the rest to goodwill.

    I just found your blog. I'll be following with GFC, twitter and FB. Thanks!

  2. My list is
    1- Clean out my bedroom closet- everything always seems to get thrown in there.
    2- Post another giveaway at my blog.
    3- Check on a certain friend who has a sick child.
    4- Exercise- I never seem to be able to fit that in.
    5- Finally put all Christmas up.

  3. I really need to clean the house good next weekend and get all the laundry done. I'm normally really good about it every weekend but the past two, I have just wanted to be lazy. I work 10 hours a day so its too late by the time I come home on weekdays to do anything

  4. I want to:
    1) Vacuum and mop my floors in our current house.
    2) Get our new house clean (we're moving soon, and the house we are moving into has been sitting empty for a year and filthy doesn't begin to describe it).
    3) Get a bassinet and get it set up (baby due in 4 weeks)
    4) Rest.
    5) Purchase gifts for the hostesses for my baby shower.

    I love making lists.
    New follower from the blog hop! You can follow me back at

  5. What a fabulous idea!
    I have so many things I need to do this week that I think I'm gonna go ahead and make a similar post and link it back to yours! Hope thats okay! :)
    My list so far:
    1. Take my son for his well checkup & possibly get in to my doctor if this sore throat doesn't go away.
    2. clean out the kitchen junk drawer and cabinet...okay so it started off as a junk drawer and just started overflowing into the cabinet under it. Its BAD!
    OH and so much more!

  6. 1. Study
    2. Get back on the exercise wagon!!!
    3. Study
    4. Clean out my car

    Maybe if I say these things on the world wide web, I will stick to them!!! :-)

    *Amber K*

  7. 1. party plan! Lizzie's party is on Saturday and all we've done is invite people
    2. get at least a week ahead on my blogging
    3. finish up freelance articles for the month
    4. Do something for me. I have a Bible Study on Wed night and a girls night on Thursday night so I think I have that covered!


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