Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Technology Tuesday

Welcome to Technology Tuesday! Every week I will ask a question that has to do with technology. It can be anything from using computers, cell phones, TVs, and more. All you have to do is submit your answer in the comment form and read what everyone else has to say!


Which website do you spend the majority of your time on during the day and why?


  1. probably facebook and blogger and yahoo
    i have all 3 open all day all the time.
    i like to constantly check up on whats going on on facebook.
    i like to work on my blog all day on blogger
    and i check my emails through the day on yahoo.

  2. It used to be Facebook, but is now Netflix because we no longer have cable tv.

  3. Facebook 90%
    Twitter 10%

    Why? Because I'm addicted. ;-p

  4. My yahoo mail is ALWAYS open. Since I'm home all day, and only have one class on campus (the other is distance learning) I email my mom, boyfriend and best friend pretty much all day long! I need adult conversation, otherwise it's just me and the cats!
    Amber K.

  5. OH goodness. Probably facebook? Especially nowadays *wink*

  6. Facebook!! And blogger. But def FB more, best way to keep up with everyone and the best deals going on!

  7. I probably would have to say my email. I constantly check it and usually leave the tab open all day. The next one would have to be Blogger, because I love looking over everyone else blogs.

    Happy Tuesday!
    Passions by Ashley


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