Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reuse Baby Wipe Tubs

If you are a mother, chances are, you have a few empty baby wipe tubs laying around the house. Refill packs are always nice, but sometimes its nice to grab the "free tubs" that we can score from using coupons. I had a few empty tubs laying around the house and I was very hesitant on throwing them away. I knew something could be done with them. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to show you how you can reuse baby wipe tubs. Here are seven items that you can store in baby wipe tubs.

Hair accessories:
Puzzle Pieces or Small Toys:
Free Samples:

You could store so much more in the empty baby wipe tubs and use a permanent marker to label the sides of the boxes for storing. Baby wipe tubs make great containers!

What would you store in empty baby wipe tubs?



  1. I, too, was hesitant on throwing them away! lol. we now use them to store crayons, stickers, small blocks, etc.

  2. I use them for misc. craft supplies, coupons, catch-alls and so many other things!
    Oh! And baby wipes too :)


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