Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Swagbucks is My Favorite Online Rewards Program

I started earning Swagbucks in early May of 2010. By the beginning of June, I was already trading my earned Swagbucks in for $5 and $25 Amazon Gift Cards. Now, its November and I have earned $175 in Amazon Gift Cards through Swagbucks, and less than 100 Swagbucks away from another $5 card.

Is this program real? Yes!!! I have already traded in my earnings and have used some of them through purchasing items from Amazon. The best part is that Swagbucks will be paying for several Christmas presents that I need to buy this year!

If you do not know what Swagbucks is, go here to read about how you can start earning. I would also be very happy to help you if you have questions with using the program. Just email me at

If you are interesting in earning Swagbucks, go here. You want to be ready to earn on Mega Swagbucks Friday, which is tomorrow!



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