Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Blogging Tip

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog that you were interested in, clicked on a link, browsed through the new page, and by the time you were finished browsing through, you had lost the original blog?

I have a blogging tip that will prevent this from happening. I give credit to my brother for teaching me a few html coding tips. I know some of the basics, but he knows it all! Be patient with me as I try to explain this to you in the easiest way possible. I am slowly learning about html coding!

If you don't want someone to lose your blog while they are clicking through the links on your page, you can add:


into the html code that will enable a brand new tab to open up after a reader clicks on a link on your blog. Your original blog tab will still be open and the reader can easily find your blog, even after clicking through several links on your page.

Here is what the coding looks like.

I replaced the < with {.
I also added "leave a space" because you will need to leave a space before you add target="_blank"

{a href="websiteurl"leave a spacetarget="_blank"}TitleorCaption{/a}

See the difference below. I will take you to my Giveaways Only website. You will need to push the back button to get back to my blog after the first example, but the second example, you should have a brand new box open up for you.

Example #1 Giveaways Only
without the target="_blank", does not open a new tab, have to push back button to get back to my blog.

Example #2 Giveaways Only
with the target="_blank", opens a new tab, my blog still remains as a tab in the background.

*To have your comments open in a separate box in Blogger, go to "settings," "comments," and under comment form placement, check "Pop Up Window." Then "save settings."

Did you find this tip helpful?

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  1. That's cute..I came with curiosity and found a tip I figured out a long time ago. Not that I have followers or am making any money...I just wanted to hear a few comments and if they click away you don't get them. Glad you found this tip, too.

  2. This is VERY important for everyone... especially when they offer giveaways! Its super frustrating when you go off to "like" a facebook page or follow on twitter... then you can't get back to the giveaway, so special thanks for spreading the word! lol!

  3. JMWC: I agree! I get lost from so many blogs when entering giveaways. This is what helped me decide to create a tip for others! Please share it with others. Thanks!

  4. Great tip. Here's another one - set up your comments to open in a seperate box so your blog will still be on the screen and therefore your readers can go right back and read more great posts.

  5. Carmie-Thanks for the comment tip!

    I will add this to my post!

    To have your comments open in a separate box in Blogger, go to "settings," "comments," and under comment form placement, check "Pop Up Window."

  6. Wow - good to know! I just removed that code from my social connect buttons because I thought it was random extra code!

  7. Yeah, that's helpful. Another trick is to simply open your link in a new window and that way you won't loss your original blog. Okay, that is if you don't have a thousand windows open. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I always have links open in new windows on my blog for that very reason.

    Also when I am visiting other blogs I always right click links and choose to open links in a new tab so that I don't lose the original blog.


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