Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Two great bloggers submitted photos of their Christmas tree to be featured before Christmas. Please check out their beautiful Christmas trees, and their blogs!

Author of: Jewel's Arty Blog

I made the knitted decorations on the tree from patterns by Jean Greenhowe two years ago. I thought they were safer for my toddler than shop bought ones, but I keep using them every year as I like how they look.

We have had this tree for several years now. Real trees don't last long in the desert so we opted for fake one. I started out with very little ornaments to hang on it and each year it gets better. I love the rich reds of Christmas and sparkly gold. It feels warm. This tree has become our "decorative" tree as you can see it from our front window and every year I buy a new set of ornaments to hang on it. Next year, I would love to add some florals like poinsettias into it. One day it will be completely FULL of beautiful ornaments!




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  3. Thank you for featuring my tree. For anyone feeling frugal, Jean Greenhowe does have some free toy patterns on her website, at


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