Monday, December 20, 2010

White Chocolate Oreo Balls

I made a few of these Oreo Balls tonight. If you have not tried them, they would make a GREAT addition to any holiday party--and you WILL be asked for the recipe if you make them ;) They are that good! I wanted to share my recipe with you. It is very simple.


1- Package of Oreos
1- 8 oz. package of cream cheese softened
1 Package of white chocolate bark 
1 Package of dark chocolate bark


Break up the Oreos by mashing them in a bag. You will want them to be very crumbly. Pour the crumbs in a bowl. Add the softened cream cheese. Mix well. The mixture will be sticky, (and your hands will be messy!) Roll the mixture into balls. Dip into melted white chocolate bark (melt about 4-6 of the white chocolate squares) and place onto wax paper to cool and harden. Drizzle the tops with dark chocolate bark (melt 1-2 squares). Place into the refrigerator to keep cool. Enjoy!

(*The others on the table with the Oreo Balls are Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crackers. Spread Peanut Butter between two Ritz Crackers and dip in dark chocolate bark. Drizzle with white chocolate bark and place on wax paper to harden.)

Here are the finished Oreo Balls!

Photos by: The Frugal Free Gal



  1. These sound so good!

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  2. Those look beautiful! Great job! New follower here. Come by and visit my 'Mess' will ya? :)

  3. Oh man these look so good! I've always been a little nervous about melting chocolate.... but you make it sounds easy.

    You should come link up at my Holiday Recipe Hop!

  4. Oh good night, those sound amazing! Might have to make some of these in the not too distant future!

  5. I just posted about these on my blog, and can't wait to make them for our Christmas Party!

    Thanks for letting me know about them!


  6. Those look amazing!! I'm sure they are 'calorie-free'! HA :)
    I stumbled you!!

    Shopper Gal

  7. I've been hearing everyone talk about these. I must make them now that I have seen them. Yummo!
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  8. Yummy yummy!! We make these too -- they are amazing.

  9. Oh my gosh! I am so making these!!!

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    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  10. Those look quite delicious! It's too late for my stomach to be grawling, lol. Thanks for sharing the picture, you make it look so easy!

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  11. Those look way to yummy!

  12. These look really good :) Do they taste as good with milk chocolate? I have all of the stuff here except milk chocolate instead of dark.

    Having Fun Blogging


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