Monday, June 14, 2010

Write to Your Favorite Companies for Coupons!

Have you thought about writing emails to the companies of your favorite brands for money saving coupons? I have! I decided to experiment with something I purchase often- Meow Mix Cat Food. I just wrote a nice email on their contact form on their website about how I buy their product often for my cat and how I would appreciate it if they sent coupons. Here is part of the reply I received today:

"We hope your cat will continue to enjoy Meow Mix Dry Cat Food and we're sending you money-saving coupons in the mail in appreciation for your business."

I also wrote to Drano since I used their product recently for a smelly sink. Here is their reply:

"For the most up-to-date coupon offers, I invite you to become a member of our Right@Home™ newsletter. Membership is free and it allows you access to printable coupons and the opportunity to register for special gift pack offers. You'll find a current coupon offer available for Drano®. Sign up at We'd love to welcome you as a member!"

Money Saving Challenge:
I challenge you to find at least five products that you buy often. Find the company's contact form on their website and write to them telling them why you like their product. Ask them for coupons or free samples and let us know what response you get!


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