Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disney and Garanimal Shoes on Sale at Walmart for $3.00

Look at this great deal I found today at Wal-mart! These shoes are on sale for $3.00 a pair (regular price ranging from $9.00-$12.00). I bought some for my daughter to last through the year. Thats like getting four pairs of shoes for the price of one! The sizes and styles vary (these are size 5). They also have some that lace up and they carry boys shoes as well. I prefer the velcro because we don't have too much time to spend lacing shoes all day! :) Besides my daughter loves to hear the way velcro sounds when you strap and unstrap her shoes!

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  1. I just got some of these too for next year. I also found 2 pairs of ballet flats for me for $1.


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