Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Have A Confession...

I hate sweeping and mopping. There I said it. Whew that feels better.

Give me a hundred junk drawers and I can have them organized by the end of the day (and be excited about it!) Tell me its time to sweep and mop and let me think about it and prepare for a week.

I have all the intentions of announcing my July Giveaway winner but will have to wait until my chores are done. I am typing this as fast as possible so I can get the sweeping and mopping completed before my toddler wakes up.

Its time to make sure all of the spilled milk and apple juice are cleaned and scrubbed from the floors (all wood floors.) Have to make sure the Cheerios are all swept up from under the couch, and time to sweep up the fur balls from my calico cat blowing around the house, and I get to do this all while our a/c is broken---its time to finish my most dreaded chore. Wish me luck. :) I'd rather sit in time-out.

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