Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why You Should Search for Coupon Codes Before Making Online Purchases

Do you like to shop online?

I shop online occasionally. Yesterday, I ordered my daughters party supplies for her second birthday party through Oriental Trading. I remembered I had coupons in my coupon binder for Oriental Trading so I pulled those out and found a code. My order was just over $39.00 for all of her supplies/decorations/favors and the coupon had a code on it for free shipping on any orders over $39.00. I went into Oriental Trading through my Upromise account originally but it was only a 4% savings. After using the coupon code, it took $8.99 off of my total order and shipping was free. Savings= $8.99 after coupon code.

Later that evening my mom called me to discuss a present she wanted to get for my daughter. For some odd reason after I searched the present online a coupon code showed up on my Swagbucks Homepage. There was a coupon code on the page for 10% off at the store she was planning on buying the present from. I quickly emailed her the code before she made the purchase and it took $14.00 off of her order! Savings= $14.00 after coupon code.

Be sure to search for online coupon codes before making purchases online. You can save a lot after entering these codes at checkout. I listed my favorite place to find coupon codes below. If you know of any, please leave a comment so others can take advantage of these codes! You will not always find a coupon code for the store you are buying from, but it is worth looking into!

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