Monday, September 27, 2010

75% Off Target Toys = Great Birthday Presents

Remember when I told you about how I scored a lot of toys from Target for 75% off? Read the post here. These toys were originally going to be my nieces and nephews Christmas presents. Well, little did I know that we would have several birthday parties to attend in the next few months. I have three parties in October to attend, and the best part? I have a present for all of them, from this stash of 75% off toys. I would have had to ship toys anyways home for the holidays, so my plan is to just go out and find some other great deals for the nieces and nephews when I fly home. These toys are currently in my gift closet, which you can read more about here.

I actually gave one of the purple cookie tubs to my daughter for her birthday. It's one of her favorite toys to play with now!


  1. I love, love, love clearance toys. Both of my daughters were born in December so I have to shop for their birthdays well in advance or December would KILL my budget and my schedule. I just watch for the great sales at then end of summer and snap up what I know they'll love. I usually have their birthdays and most of Christmas finished before Halloween this way.

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    I love clearance shopping and usually have most of christmas done for family etc.. sadly not this year..hope I can find killer deals like this!

  3. I bought that same Sesame Street Playhouse for my nephew for Xmas for 8.74 also!!!


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