Sunday, September 19, 2010

Find the Hidden Code #4 and Win: Becoming a Woman of Worth Prayer Book

Code has been found by: Emy! Congratulations!
The code was hidden under the "Free Stuff" button on the right sidebar on my homepage!

It's Sunday! I feel like giving something away.

I have hidden my fourth code somewhere in my blog! It can be ANYWHERE. The first one to find it gets the book, Becoming a Woman of Worth Prayer Book by Karen Moore.

I will give you three hints. If no one has found the hidden code after a while I will continue to give hints until it is found (hidden code expires after 48 hours). After you find the code:

1. Copy code and paste it into the comment form under THIS post.
2. Tell me which post you found it under or where you found the code.
3. Leave your email address or contact information.

The code consists of 12 random letters or numbers, uppercase and lowercase. The first one to find the code wins the book! How do you know if the code has been found or not? Simply check the comment form under this post to see if anyone has copied and pasted it!


1. Homepage

2. Right

3. "Free Stuff" Button

Good luck!


  1. h4r5eW2iP38x

    Hope this is it!

  2. Congrats Emy! That is it! :) I will get in touch with you through email!
    The Frugal Free Gal


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