Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Operation Clean House

You may have noticed that I haven't posted much today. I decided that today was the perfect day to catch up on some deep, and I mean DEEP cleaning. You know, the kind where you get out your latex gloves and bleach and get down and get dirty! (I definately didn't look as pretty as the girl in the picture above--who cleans in heels?) My floors are my biggest and most dreaded job I have to tackle and I am 25% finished with them. Yep, only 25%. I have hard wood floors so all of the sweeping involved takes quite a bit of time. I even moved furniture only to find Cheerios, Kix, crumbs, and milk stains underneath. We all know what it is like to clean with an active toddler around. Just call it "Mission Impossible." Even if you do get any cleaning done with a toddler around, you know it ends up a diaster shortly after anyways, so is there really any point? Getting my floors cleaned has been an all day task (and I had to get my air conditioning fixed today as well) but I did walk in from outside recently and the part I have mopped so far looked so pretty and smelled fresh and clean. Now I am off to finish the rest now that Baby Girl is off to bed!

What is your most dreaded household chore?


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