Friday, December 17, 2010

The Giveaway Experiment

I thought I would give you an update on my giveaway experiment for the month of December. My goal is to enter several blog giveaways and see what I can win during the month of December.

Why am I doing this? It's simple: To show you how easy it is to win free items from blog giveaways! It's fun, too! Most of the items I am winning are going to be put into my gift closet for kids birthdays and other special occasions. Some will be given to my daughter, and some, I plan to use. Some winnings are really exciting, some not so exciting, but all can be very useful.

I have won 14 so far in less than a month :) I can't reveal what I have won until the middle of January, when all winnings have arrived at my house.

If you are interested in entering in a few blog giveaways, you can read my tips for entering giveaways.



  1. holy cow! 14?!?!? I was happy to win the ipad on Win Giveways the other day. Fourteen items is Christmas for EVERYONE on my list!!! Congrats on your big wins!!!

  2. Brooklyn Bargainsta-
    You won an ipad!!! Now, I will have to say, that is probably worth more than all of the items I have won put together! :) Great job! The giveaways I enter are all LOW entry giveaways--100 entries or less. Most of the time I am able to submit 5-12 entries since I try to complete them all, for a bigger chance of winning. Congrats on your HUGE win!

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