Thursday, December 16, 2010

Save Money On Groceries

I had a few ladies at the MckMama Community in The Blog Frog help me create a post on how they save money on groceries. Here are their responses:

1. I'm all about saving a dollar! For groceries- I plan a menu for the week based on sale items at the grocery store, I use coupons, buy my paper products in bulk or at the big box stores! I once did a story in my reporter days "How to give yourself a 5-thousand dollar raise" Just by taking those simple steps you can! It's easy! Crafty Life and Style

2. Unintentionally, we have begun a few things that have saved money in our grocery budget. We cut back on "dessert" items in an attempt to eat more healthy. We have also paid better attention to the "expired" items we have been throwing away. We either do not purchase things we wind up throwing out, or we purchase goods in a more appropriate quantity. Both of these are making a positive impact in our pantry and our budget. KMKirbyNapkins

3. Strangely enough, by shopping the "outside" of the store. You know where the fruits, veggies, meat are. I really try to avoid processed food, etc. in the "middle" of the store. Plus, I use my slow cooker and STICK TO my list - no add ons. 500 Places With Kids

4. I shop for what we need and also what's in season. Buzz Family

5. We use our loyalty cards wherever we shop. We try to avoid impulse purchases (cookies, soda, chips, dip, individual sodas near the check out stands, etc.). We use coupons when we can. I price check things using an app. on my iPhone (it seriously saves a ton of money, especially on baby related items!). The only things I truly splurge on are organics. And wine. A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

6. Planning! Buying frozen veggies and shopping at SAMS! Believing Boldly

7. Our weekly grocery budget for a family of 5 is $75. We manage by shopping sales (and often combining coupons with sales or with store coupons) and mainly by stocking up on great deals. Is hamburger on sale for the lowest price you can remember? We buy 10 lbs. of it at the great price. Peanut butter at an all time low? I'll stock up on 4 jars or more and put the rest in the pantry. I try to never pay full price, when possible, so I carefully check the store flyers and always stock up on the loss leaders. Trenches of Mommyhood

8. We usually try to do meal plans and buy accordingly and not in excess (even though we have gone astray from this recently). We also plan snacks, that way we get away from impulse buys. and I coupon! Meg Herald

How do you save money on groceries?

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  2. Thanks so much! I could use all the help I can get! haha

    Takes a lot fo work to get out there! So Thansk for adding my button to the giveaways! I will add yours to my blog once i get my new lap top tom.!!!

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  3. Thanks for the post & comment - we'll root for the Aggies (my dad's actually one from the '50s) and just wait til next year! :)

  4. Great post, I like how you got several different perspectives on saving money on groceries. I cut coupons and shop sales personally. We also stockpile a bit, and that helps cut costs alot. Especially on meat. Our savings on meat alone probably hit about $5000 a year!

    Family Friendly Frugality


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