Friday, June 11, 2010

"Build a Grocery Stockpile" Article

I just received my July 23, 2010 issue of All You Magazine in the mail today. I highly suggest buying a subscription of this magazine because the coupons in the magazine will pay for the magazine itself in the end. If you buy the subscription through and have a Upromise account, you will get 25% back. The subscription runs about $20, which is also cheaper than going to Wal-mart each time to buy it.

In this magazine, turn to page 29. There is an article by Emily Hendricks Turnier on how to "Build a Grocery Stockpile." When reading through this, I thought, "this all sounds so familiar!" I have actually done these things in the last few months and I have my own stockpile now.

"What is a stockpile?" you might ask. Basically, it means you are stocking up your pantry or shelves with non-perishable items that you regularly use so that 1.) you have them on hand when you need them and 2.) you don't have to make several shopping trips to replace that item. For example, instead of just buying one can of diced tomatoes, you buy several, only if you know you are going to use them all in the next few months. Or, instead of buying one package of toilet paper, you buy several of these, too. I don't think you can ever have too much toilet paper--especially if you have a large household. The best time to stockpile are when these items are on sale and when you use manufacturers and store coupons to match that sale, if you happen to have any.

The magazine article mentioned above is a great article and a big summary of what I am trying to teach you on this blog. I have seen some very small stockpiles and some VERY LARGE stockpiles. After reading the article, let me know what you think. Have you started your own stockpile?

*Don't forget to clip the coupons in the magazine and save them for when a good deal scenario comes across!

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  1. (See this same comment on, too.)

    I DO (sort of) stockpile, I think, although I haven't picked up the magazine. If by "stockpile," you mean load up on staples when they're on sale, then BOO-YEAH, I darn skippy do.

    I actually learned to do that from a few cousins who did chef duty in restaurants. Adapted the concept, really: most chefs, or at least enthusiastic cooks (I'm not one) keep non-perishable staples on hand all the time so they can whip up certain dishes at a moment's notice; also, they often keep a "kitchen garden" for fresh herbs, either indoors or out.

    Living in California, the garden thing is pretty easy. But regarding the stockpiling thing: What I do is:

    1) Load up on things I KNOW my kids will eat, so I can put together quick and easy meals.

    2) Load up on essentials when they go on sale, like paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, er... feminine products (three girls in the house - what can I say?)

    3) Snag "fun" items when they're two-for-one, like brownie mix, cake mix, etc. (What? You think I make them from scratch or something?)

    4) While nothing beats a weekend California fresh fruit and veggie market, frozen veggies are the next best thing, since they're flash-frozen while fresh. (Canned is nowhere near as healthy.) So I'll stock up on that.

    5) Another thing I stockpile? Birthday and holiday gifts. Every time we go someplace where there are age-appropriate gifts, and there's a deal, whether there's a birthday coming up or not, I'll grab it. Then, if one of my kids pulls out an invite they "oops!" forgot to tell me about, I can whip out a gift. I also keep a spreadsheet in my computer to keep track of what I've bought during the year for holidays, so I don't "overbuy" - a real danger when you're trying to keep your budget low by buying holiday gifts throughout the year.

    6) Speaking of gifts? I grab colored tissue and ribbon, even colored twine and kraft paper at dollar stores when I'm there. Since I have a fairly massive collection of rubber stamps from one of my many crafting obsessions, it's simple and fun to decorate plain paper - with my kids - for any event, and tie it up with ribbon for girls, twine for boys. Yarn works great too - especially that weird stuff that I can't imagine using to make anything with that I'd actually WEAR, and so is usually on sale. (The funny thing? People RAVE about my creative wrapping. They should know I spend about 2¢ a package.)

    Necessity IS the mother of invention!

    7) I stockpile pretty, mismatched plates from garage sales. Little ones I'll use for soap dishes. Sometimes I'll make soap as gifts, and include a pretty dish with them as the gift. Larger plates I'll use when I bring a cake or a dish to a potluck - and since I've usually spent only 50¢ for the dish, I tell the hostess to keep it. You can sometimes find pretty vases, too - which is a nice twist on bringing flowers to a party.

    Not QUITE sure if this is exactly what you mean - but it's how I stockpile. And it's not exactly bad ideas.

    Hope it helps.

    -elizabeth williams bushey
    (Check out the Blog for Grownups:

  2. Elizabeth,
    You are on the right path with stockpiling! This is exactly what I mean! I was introduced to the term a few months ago and was sold on the idea very early. Thanks for all of you ideas. I hope others find it helpful! I found it very helpful!

  3. 'm also a stockpiler. I just started in February. I always have stuff on hand to make a quick meal. We always have drinks and snacks too. That was something that was a stressor in my house where there was never anything quick to fix for dinner. Mostly I stock up on Pasta, rice and rice mixes, soup, spaghetti sauce, chicken both fresh and prepared. Using coupons and store cards is an absolute MUST for me. I get two full carts of groceries for around $100 every few weeks. I'm working on getting that down to $85.

    I keep the supplies on hand for my party specialties also. Beef ribs are never available around the holidays so I buy them when I get to sam's and just keep them in the freezer.

    For toiletries and paper goods, I shop CVS and Walgreens as well as the grocery stores. It's not unusual to find deals on razors, soaps and things like that.

    I could go on and on but I think you get the idea!

  4. Thanks for sharing Margaret! It helps to have everything within reach when you want to make something quick! Thats why I love to "stockpile" now. :) Thanks for coming by!


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