Thursday, June 10, 2010

How I Organize and Plan My Shopping Trips

I recently wrote a few tips for using coupons on the post below:
In this post I wrote about where to find your coupons and how to organize them.

Now that you are saving your coupons and keeping them organized, it is time to start using them.

I like to shop at the following stores in my area for my groceries and toiletry items:

1.) Wal-mart
2.) Walgreens
3.) CVS
4.) Food Lion
5.) Target

I used to shop for the majority of my groceries at Wal-mart because I thought it was cheaper. I dreaded these trips because I knew that I needed a lot of groceries and I always came out with a huge cart full. Now I make several trips throughout the week and make a few purchases at each store, stocking up on what I know I buy and need week after week, when the items are on sale, and usually with coupons. I create a stockpile of these items so that I do not have to go to the store each week to pick up one item, just to have to go back the next week because we ran out.

For example, baby bath wash was on sale at Wal-mart recently. I found myself buying bath wash every time I went to the store. When it was on sale, I stocked up and bought six, which ends up saving me money in the end when buying it at sale price, as well as keeping me from having to go back to the store six different times for bath wash!

When an item goes on sale that you know you buy regularly, buy several and create a small stockpile of that item. Eventually you will have done this with everything you buy and you find that you aren't having to go to the store as often. Once the sale ends, it usually comes back in a few months. When you find that your stockpile is running low, find that sale again later and stock up again. It is even better when you use a coupon (or several coupons) on top of that sale!

Are you ready to read about how I organize my shopping trips?

1.) I collect the store circulars from the stores listed above from the Sunday paper, or from the store itself.
2.) I look through each circular, find what is on sale that I need and circle that item.
3.) Then I look to see what coupons I have that will match the sale.
4.) I spread out my shopping trips throughout the week when I am out and about and stop into those stores, with my coupons.
5.) I buy what I need and head home knowing that I have saved some money!

I hope you have started saving your coupons that you are coming across daily. This is important because I will eventually be posting deal scenarios where you can get certain items for FREE if you have the coupon. The blogs to the right on the Deal Watch List post deal scenarios often, so you don't want to miss out if you do not have the coupons.

Now that I have given you tips on where to find your coupons and how to organize them (on the previous post), and given you tips on how to organize your shopping trip, I am ready to start giving you more information on using certain coupons with deal scenarios.

I will also be posting a few free samples that come along my way. Come back often!


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