Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Educational Videos on YouTube For Children

If you are not familiar with YouTube, I suggest taking some time to explore the wonderful videos YouTube has to offer. My two year old daughter LOVES to do what Mommy does, so when she sees me on the computer, she wants to get on the computer, too. When she wants "her time" on the computer, I put on several educational videos for her that I have found on YouTube. We have found several ABCs and Phonics videos, along with some popular children's stories on video. My daughter is learning alot from watching these videos and she can repeat most of her ABCs already, thanks to these and my occasional wonderful melodies I bust out when we are driving around town.

Here is a list of my favorite educational videos offered through YouTube.

1. ABCS: Go here.
2. Alphabet Song, Let's Sing With Toonbo: Go here.
3. ABCs Let's Sing With Toonbo: Go here.
4. Alphabet Song: Go here.
5. Alphabet Sounds: Go here.
6. Learn English Shapes and Colors: Go here.
7. Five Little Monkeys: Go here.
8. Goodnight Moon: Go here.
9. Brown Bear, Brown Bear: Go here.
10. The Very Hungry Catepillar: Go here.

You can find more Free ABC Videos here.

One more thing before you go... LET'S DO THE HOT DOG SONG DANCE!!! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hotdog Song: Go here.

Have any videos to recommend? Please post them in the comment form.


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