Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Lost Weight!

I am so happy that I have "lost weight!" Clutter, that is.

A few times a year I take my unwanted/unused items to a consignment store here in town. They price it, they sell it, I get 40% of what it sells for. The consignment store is very generous with their pricing and I usually end up making more on my items than I would if I were to hold a garage sale. All I do is call ahead for an appointment, box up my items, and take it to them and they do the work for me! I even receive a very detailed list of the description of the item and how much they are trying to sell it for. Once I sell $100.00 worth, they send me a nice little check!

I have been consigning items for about two years now. I recommend consigning your new to gently used items that you have around your house that are taking up valuable space. Call around and see what each consignment store will accept and what their policy is (how much they will make and how much you will make).

Want to know another money maker? I bought two toys several months ago for $1.00 each. My daughter got tired of playing with them so I decided to make a run to Once Upon a Child to see if they would sell there. I received a $6.80 credit for the two toys! I made $4.80 off of the two toys! I really didn't think I was going to get that much for them, but I wasn't going to complain. Now I can use the credit to buy her something she will need in the future! One persons junk is another persons treasure!

Do you consign items? How often do you "declutter?" How does your clutter earn you extra cash?

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