Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Are Your Plans Today?

Today is shopping day for me!

I usually start out at a thrift store and see what I can find there first. I often find several pieces of clothing for my daughter for $1.19 (mostly new and gently used name brand items.) I also find a lot of "like new" pairs of kids shoes and lots of books and toys for her as well. Occasionally I find something for myself, but I know I go in there specifically looking for kids items.

Then I am off to the grocery store. Take a look at my list:

lunch meat
chicken breast
chicken nuggets
mac & cheese

That is my list! That's it! Isn't that awesome? Where are the diapers, wipes, toilet paper, toothpaste, peanut butter, cereal, pancake mix, etc.? They are already in my pantry/shelves--thanks to my lovely stockpile method (buying several items when they are on sale and when I have coupons to match-instead of going week by week to pick up the items). I LOVE my stockpile. Shopping is a breeze now. I still have my coupon binder ready to go and I will probably find some good deals on items that I may continue to stock up on. I also made sure to plan around the circular and find what is on sale! Read more about my stockpile method here.

I also have my consignment store appointment today. I love my consignment store here. They take just about everything, from magazines and books, to clothes. I have a few things to shed from my life so they are in boxes and ready to go. Making consignment appointments throughout the year really helps to keep my house decluttered and also puts a lot of extra cash in the wallet! Call and make an appointment with a consignment store in your area and ask what their policy is (what they take, how much you will get).

If you have lots planned to day or very little, just remember to HAVE A GREAT DAY and enjoy every minute of it, for this is a day that has not been promised!

Be sure to check and Redplum for new coupons! Read my coupon tips here.

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  1. You are so right. OH they sound so yummy hu?
    My plans today are to see how many things I can possibly do. Run errands, clean the house, write, etc. :) YEA!!!!
    Have a great day.


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