Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Is Groupon?

I have seen so many advertisements for "Groupon" but I never knew exactly what it was until I decided to do some research on my own. I thought "Groupon" sounded pretty catchy, since it rhymed with "Coupon" and thought it was something worth looking into. Here is what I learned about Groupon.

What is Groupon?

Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in cities (mostly the large cities).

Cities currently participating in Groupon:

Albuquerque, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Tampa, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, San Diego, Virginia Beach, Austin, Cleveland, Fresno, Los Angeles, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Columbus, Houston, Louisville, New York, Portland, San Jose, Boston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, Seattle, Charlotte, Denver, Jacksonville, Miami, Omaha, Sacramento, St. Louis

How Groupon Works:

Every day, there is a new deal listed. You can check in and sign up for daily alerts to have the deals emailed to you each morning or visit the site each day. The deals first have to meet a certain quota, meaning the deal is not good until a certain number of people sign up for it and buy it. If that number is not reached, you are not charged. If it is met, then the deal will activate and anyone can buy.

Sounds pretty neat, huh? If you live near a big city or know you will be planning a vacation soon to one of these cities, it is worth signing up for. If you live near a small area and are not planning any vacations soon, this may not be for you, but it is worth sharing with family and friends!

Click the box above to find today's great deals or click the link below.

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Here is a video you can watch on "Groupon."

Learn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo.

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  1. I love Groupon! They've got amazing deals.
    My sister told me about them when they were first starting in Chicago and I had to wait for them to start in Boston. She also told me about - it's a marketplace for groupon-type deals, so you can sell you unused groupons or pick some up from other people. Really cool!


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