Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't Leave Home Without 'Em!

...Your coupons that is!

Do you ever run to the store to pick up something and think, "I had a coupon for that but left it at home!!!"

Keep your coupons with you at ALL times! I am not only referring to grocery coupons, but I am talking about all kinds of coupons. Have them handy always, even if that means they are in a box in your car or in an envelope in your purse. You don't have to have a binder, but it sure helps.

Today when I went to receive my oil change, I pulled out my $10.00 off coupon from the coupon book where I get my oil change and handed it to the cashier. Instant $10.00 savings. I also received a $5.00 rebate card to fill out and send in. $15.00 off.

When I went to buy my daughters toddler bed from Once Upon a Child, I pulled out my $6.00 credit receipt that I could use towards purchases. Instant $6.00 savings! There are lots of times when I make random stops to Michael's and JcPenneys. I have those coupons all in my coupon binder as well.

You can read about my coupon binder by clicking the tab at the top of the homepage where it says "Coupon Tips." I rarely leave home without it!

Savings: $21.00 all because I had my coupons handy (and the toddler bed was on sale)! That's an extra $21.00 that I can use for something that is WAY more exciting than an oil change!

Question: How do you organize your coupons?

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