Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I love thrift stores.

They are my favorite places to find items such as new to gently used kids clothes, books, and household items. I bought 21 pieces of clothing out of the $1.19 bin at a thrift store and paid $25.00 for all. Two of these items are from Gymboree, some from Carter's, Old Navy, and The Children's Place. One shirt is a brand new Circo shirt. I like to stock up on outfits for the next season and at these prices I would be a fool not to! Everything here is in great condition, no stains and new to gently worn. When it's time to get rid of these, I will donate, consign, and get my money back for her next set of clothes!

My daughter wanted to make sure her farm animals were featured in this post.
These Carter's boots were brand new for $2.39. I also find books for no more than $1.50 a piece. My daughter is into lift the flap books and I have found several recently. I also found an Elmo Video Set on this thrift store run.

Do you enjoy thrift shopping as much as I do?


  1. I LOVE shopping at Goodwill! I recently found a brand new in the box (still wrapped in the original factory plastic inside of a never opened box) Britax carseat for my toddler1 I'm there once a week getting clothes and books! :)

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  2. I love it! You found some cute stuff!!

  3. I LOVE the thrift stores too!!!

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  4. I just went to Goodwill yesterday and bought 4 pr of jean shorts and six shirts(a few nice polo and button ups and a few nice t-shirts) and spent only $20! We have 5 kids and shopping thrifty is a must. The clothing category of our budget is easily controlled by shopping at thrift stores! =0)

  5. This is fantastic! I love a fellow thrifter.


  6. At a resale shop just before Christmas I found a cute heart design dinner plate set... The heart design almost matches the design that I have. Now I have enough plates to go around again. I have had plates break through the years and I usually replace them with thrift shop items. Also, in theory --- if you get sick of the style your can take them back and replace with another design and not feel bad.

    As far as kids clothes ...they never make it back to a resale shop because my boys wear them out.


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