Friday, July 9, 2010

Top 20 List of Things to Do

It's summertime and we know that spending time with family and friends is very important! I am taking a short break but will be back before you know it! I will not be posting during this next week. While you are waiting for my return, I have compiled a list of things for you to do until I return. You can do all of these, a few of these, or none at all--just remember to have fun while completing these tasks.

1. Keep up with my Deal Watch list on "The Frugal Free Gal" Homepage. Even though I will not be posting this next week, my Deal Watch List automatically updates. You can find deals by visiting my blog everyday, even when I have nothing new to share. You will find free samples, coupons, and store specific deals, plus much more. Don't miss out! Visit DAILY and often!

2. Start your own blog. If you like to share ideas with others, try starting a blog. It can be a personal blog, a blog that shares tips, or blog about your hobbies. I like using Blogger. I actually have a personal blog about my daughter that I keep private for friends and family to view across the U.S. Have a Website? Join Logical Media and generate easy income Click Here

3. If you have a blog, spice it up with your very own signature. You can find out how to make a signature by following the easy steps listed on my post here. There is a link on making a button in the same post.

4. Sign up for any free samples you may have missed. Check my "Labels" section on the left sidebar, or the "Blog Archive" on the right sidebar for anything you are interested in. You may still be able to sign up for them but some may have expired.

5. Sign up for Swagbucks. It is a free program that lets you earn "digital dollars" for doing everyday searches. There are several different ways to win even more Swagbucks. I am 75 Swagbucks away from earning my 11th $5.00 Amazon Gift Card in just two months. I expect to earn the rest of my Swagbucks needed for another gift card by the end of today! Be sure to read my tips on earning more Swagbucks on my home page in the tab, "Swagbucks Tips" at the top. You can sign up here. Take some time to learn the program. It's really fun when you get the hang of it. UPDATE: As of tonight, 7/9/10, I have earned my 11th card, and have already earned 50 more Swagbucks towards the next card!

6. Enter my July Giveaway for a yearly subscription to the All You Magazine from You can enter up to four times. Entries are still low so you have a good chance in winning! This magazine is my favorite because it has several money saving coupons inside! This is why I chose it for my first giveaway. Read the details of the giveaway here.

7. Print coupons from my two favorite online coupon sources.
Red Plum - Free printable grocery coupons. Click Here
Print coupons for your favorite brands and save at Click Here
Read about what "coupon stacking" means here.

8. Email your favorite companies for coupons by contacting them online. Find your favorite companies and request coupons on their "contact us" form that can be found on their home page. To read more, go here. Then find my "Labels" section on the left sidebar and click on "write to companies" to see what I have received from other companies!

9. Start creating your coupon binder. You will need a zip up binder, a pack of sheet protectors for collectors cards (can be found in the collector card sections in stores) and a few sets of dividers. My binder was $10.00 from Wal-mart, the sheet protectors were less than $5.00 a package, and dividers can be found for about $1.00 a package. I have purchased three packages of collector card protectors because I have a lot of coupons. Try starting out with one package if you are new to this. You can always buy more later. I used three sets of dividers. My binder was less than $30.00 and has already paid for itself through the use of my coupons. You can see how I divided my sections up at the bottom of the post here. If you aren't interested in creating a binder, buy a small accordian file that can fit in your purse to start out with. If you have a coupon binder already created, now is the good time to organize them by catching up on cutting, filing, and throwing out the expired coupons.

10. Search YouTube for videos on couponing. You can learn alot through watching these videos. This is how I learned a few tips. Search for videos on Jill Cataldo--the super couponing "Queen." You can read more about Jill and other coupon tips here. New to couponing or just starting out? Watch this video.

11. Start creating your stockpile. When items are on sale and you have coupons to match, buy several of that item if it is something you know you buy often. I love to stockpile on toiletries, condiments, and canned goods. Read my post on creating a small stockpile here.

12. Vote for "The Frugal Free Gal!" If you like this blog, please vote! Click the brown box at the top of my blog in the left corner that says, "Vote for Us!" from Thanks for your vote!

13. Like what you see or read? Every time you see a "Like" button, be sure to click it! This gives me an idea on whats popular so that I know what to write or post more of in the future! Also, find my button on the right sidebar where you can subscribe to my posts.

14. Follow me on Twitter. I am @frugalfreegal.

15. Follow my blog. You can click the follow button on the right sidebar to start following this blog.

16. Join my Facebook Group. You can find me on Facebook by searching for the group "The Frugal Free Gal." Click the "Like" button and you will then be able to get my updates through Facebook.

17. Look around my blog. Search high and low. Search my blog archive. You may see something you have missed! Get familiar with where things are placed on my blog so you can come back and find them easily. I do rearrange every now and then so if something is missing, look around in other places on my blog. Take the time to read my "About Me" section on the tabs at the top.

18. Email me! Have questions or comments? Email I will try to respond as quickly as I can, but know that I am a busy mommy and my daughters needs will always come first!

19. Read my Terms of Use and Disclosure Policy. You can read these on the top of my homepage in the tabs section.

20. Most importantly, remember the importance of spending quality time with the ones you love. We get very caught up in this fast paced, high technological world that sometimes we forget that the best things in life really are free. Share a laugh and catch up with a friend, hug and kiss your loved ones, sit by the pool and soak up the rays, enjoy nature, take a moment to stop and smell the roses--because all of those things are FREE. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again. I will be back shortly! 


  1. I can see several things on here that I will do. Even on summer break you are still so helpful. Thanks for the great sites you reference.

  2. thanks for hopping with me ;) have a great weekend i'm a new follower too

  3. Enjoy your time off of blogging! Have fun with your family :)

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  5. Great list! I love the coupon links!

    Stopping by from Mom Loop. :)


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