Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What is a "Catalina" Coupon?

When you are almost finished checking out at the register, the machine next to the register prints out a long coupon for you. Did you know that the coupon is called a "Catalina Coupon", also know as "check-out coupons?" It is usually triggered by an item that was purchased in that transaction.

Catalina Coupons can be kind of tricky. Do not confuse Catalina Coupons for store coupons. They look like store coupons, but they are manufacturer's coupons. This means that you cannot stack a Catalina coupon with another manufacturer's coupon.

Walgreens calls their Catalina Coupons, "Register Rewards." Anytime you have a Catalina Coupon, save it with your other coupons and use them to maximize your savings when checking out. Who knows, you just might get even more "Catalina Coupons!"

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