Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Swagbucks Earnings Today

Search & Win

I thought I would give you a glimpse of how many Swagbucks you can earn in a day. I HIGHLY recommend getting a few referrals! When you refer a friend, you will get what they earn through searches, up to 1,000. I have one referral that has maxed out, one referral that has almost maxed out and several that are still working on earning more Swagbucks. I was also only able to grab 3 of the 5 codes out today. Did anyone grab all five? One friend says her and her hubby are addicted to Swagbucks! Sign up today if you haven't already here.

08/12/10 Bonus Swag Bucks: Survey Visit 1 SB

08/12/10 Bonus Swag Bucks: Daily Poll 1 SB

08/12/10 Searching the Web 9 SB

08/12/10 Referral SB  6 SB

08/12/10 Referral SB  11 SB

08/12/10 Swag Code 10 SB

08/12/10 Swag Code  9 SB

08/12/10 Swag Code  8 SB

08/12/10 Searching the Web 11 SB

08/12/10 Referral SB   9 SB

08/12/10 Referral SB  11 SB

08/12/10 Referral SB  6 SB

08/12/10 Referral SB  11 SB

Total: 103 Swagbucks

*This is without doing as many searches as normal, without doing any special offers, without getting two Swag codes that I missed, without surveys, etc! You can earn even more a day than what is listed above if you complete all of the fun options Swagbucks has to offer!

It only takes 450 to snag a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card! I am working towards gift card #20 since May 2010!


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