Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two Items You Can Cut From Your Grocery Bill

1. Paper Towels:

Paper towels are EXPENSIVE and they end up in the trash anyways, right? You might as well throw your money in the trash. Unless you are getting paper towels fairly cheap after sales and coupons, you can live without buying paper towels. Instead, buy a few packs of "bar mops." You can get these from Wal-mart or even Bed Bath and Beyond for about $5.00 for a pack. I have about 20 of these and they last a long time. Just make sure you throw some bleach in every now and then when you are washing them. I keep a set in my kitchen and a set in my bathroom for quick cleaning (to keep them separate, you can use a magic marker to write a B for bathroom or K for kitchen) on them. Worth the investment. I do keep some paper towels in the back of the cabinet for special guests, holidays, etc. but I haven't bought any in a LONG time.

2. Trash Bags:

Where do trash bags end up? In the trash---just like the paper towels. Stop wasting money and try this alternative. Buy small trash cans from the Dollar Store or Wal-mart. Recycle plastic grocery bags and line the can with them. Now you don't have to buy trash bags anymore! This is another item I have not purchased in a LONG time and probably won't unless I find it absolutely necessary! For larger families, you may need larger trash cans and use the oversized department store bags--or just take your trash out several times a day.


  1. We do the same things! I do purchase paper towels, but really only use them for certain things, not for cleaning like they are advertised for. I keep some bathroom rags in our guest bath for cleaning, and bar mops in the kitchen for cleaning the counters. We've always used walmart bags for trash bags (I grew up doing that too). We even use them in our diaper champ diaper pail!

  2. We are on the same page here! :)

    Thank you so much for following! I am following back!

    Mommy Minded

  3. Hey there! Thank you for visiting my blog! I sure hope that comment that brought you over was a nice one!Ha! :) I am following your blog now. I know you can get great deals on even washcloths and use them for cleaning things and drying stuff. This is a great post. Come an join my new network Mama's Little Nestwork. It is a great group of bloggers. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. I have cloth napkins, towels and even wipes (for when kiddos were younger & even now).

    Trash bags - well - I do use the big kitchen ones...but definitely recycle the walmart bags a TON in my smaller cans.

  5. I don't use bags in my bathrom trash cans, and since I don't go shopping much I don't have lots of store bags to use.

    I do use store-brand kitchen trash bags in my kitchen trash. I use a 6 gallon bucket for a trash can in there. We empty the kitchen trash 2-3 times a day at my house (we have big family and we're all home all day).

    I do use those bar mops in the kitchen and bathroom (bleach every time) as well as washcloths in the kitchen (the bar mops are for cleaning spills on the floor). My family always asks for paper towles when they are over to clean up spills; they are so weirded out when we hand them a real towel to clean it up!


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