Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Bic Stationery Items at Target

Rumor has it that Bic Stationery Items at Target are on sale for $1.00. If that's the case, here is a great coupon matchup where you can snag these for FREE!

Buy 2 Packs of Bic Stationery Items: $1.00 + $1.00= $2.00

Print Bic Stationary Coupon (under Office Supplies) here.

Print Target Coupon (under Office Supplies) here.

Use these two coupons together (coupon stacking) to get the Bic items for FREE!

*If you can confirm that these are on sale for $1.00 this week, please leave a comment! I didn't see Bic items in the circular!

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  1. I went to Target yesterday and was able to get the BIC pens for FREE! I was also able to get the PaperMate pens for free with the $0.50 Target coupon. Not sure if they are still that way today though.


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