Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Confession: I Have Cluttered Countertops (With Pictures!)

Sunday Confession: I have cluttered countertops.

Before my daughter started walking, my house was pretty much spotless. It was easy to clean and things stayed where they were.

Then my daughter started walking, she started eating more (creating lots of messes/dishes), and you know that the older the child gets, the more pieces to a toy there are. We are also always on the go-go-go. My house doesn't stay as clean as it used to, and I have come to accept that. When one room gets cleaned, that means another is turning into a disaster. When that room is cleaned, it means the one that I had clean, becomes a disaster. The house is never clean all at once.

Usually when the house is clean it means that the outside needs some work. Yesterday I decided to mow our lawn (first time on a riding lawn mower!) and clean the garage. In the process, my house, that was clean then, somehow turned into another disaster. I was bringing things in from the garage, and bringing things in from the truck. So now I have that mess to clean.

This morning I decided to participate in some Blog Hops and one of the Hops was Glimpses from God from This Life Was Meant to Shine. I found this post here. She exposes her before and after photos from her own "natural disasters" as I call them.

I decided to take a before and after photo myself to show you my natural disaster! Remember, it takes a lot of courage to post photos like what you are about to see! But, I am normal, you are normal. Things get out of hand but we always "eventually" get to what needs to be done.

(notice how you focus attention on the mess in the first photo, and the flowers in the second!)

In this photo, you can see my daughter's lunch boxes, puzzle piece container, iShuffle, USB camera cable, blank CDs, (I sub cycle and try to come up with new music for my classes), 5 pound dumbells, camera, Slim Jims, Dr. Pepper can, styrofoam cups, purse, camera bag, makeup, sunglasses, dishtowel, Mickey Mouse dominoes, and a stack of papers. You can see that my office travels to the kitchen area since I have my computer nearby!

Ahh...I feel better now!


  1. I know the feeling! My 17 month old has his moments where he can mess up the living room in just seconds and any other rooms if it weren't for the fact that every other door in the house is closed :-)

  2. Cute blog!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ Relax and Surf Sunday!!


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