Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Pair Coupons with Sales

When you take the time to pair your coupons with sales, this is when you save big.

To pair coupons with sales:
1. Take your grocery circular and find what is on sale.
2. Look through your coupons to see which ones you have that will match those sales on items you are interested in.

At Food Lion, check out these great deal match-ups.

Playtex Tampons are on sale for $2.99. I will be able to get tampons for $0.99 a box after using these two coupons, saving $4.00.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are on sale this week for $1.99 (this includes the grahams.) I can get these for $1.25 with my $0.75 off coupon.

I can get $1.00 off two Hot Pockets, and Hot Pockets are on sale for 3/$5.00

I can get the 12 pack of Cottonelle and Scott toilet paper for $4.99 with these two coupons for $1.00 off.

And these soups? Only $1.00!

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    If you use coupons and have some great deals and you are just so excited that you want to share and spread the word; hop on over to celebrate You Paid What?! Linky party!!!!! at

    Even if you didn't use coupons-but you have a great clearance sale or a sale in general-that is great too!!! Share your deal-I want to see them!!! And I am sure other's would appreciate the encouragement that there are good deals out there even in these hard times.

    It should be fun to see what each and every one of you have done to save money!! Have a great week and go save some Mooolah!!!

  2. Thank you for linking up to the You Paid What?! linky party!!!

    I am hoping that it will inspire and encourage others to get out there and save:)


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