Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks for Helping Me Meet My Goal!

Good Morning Everyone! Today is a good day. I started the day by reading books with my almost two year old daughter. Then I made coffee and got dressed (that doesn't always happen first thing in the morning!) We ate breakfast and then I decided to blog a little.

Today is a good day because I woke up to find that I had more facebook fans and more followers on The Frugal Free Gal. In fact, my goal was met. It feels good to meet a goal. My goal was to have 20 facebook fans by the end of June. It is June 28 and I have 24. I also have 30 followers. This makes me happy. This makes me want to come back to write and share more with you.

I have a new goal. I hope to have 60 facebook fans and followers by the end of July. That seems small, but you never know what you will get when it comes to blogging. If I get more, I will be thrilled.

If you are genuinely interested in "The Frugal Free Gal," then please click the "like" button in the top right corner. Become a follower as well. The more fans and followers, the more motivated I am to write! You will find days where I post several posts, and days where I post 1 or 2. There may be days where we are having family time and I post nothing. Just know that I will be back!

Thanks for "liking" and becoming a follower of The Frugal Free Gal.

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