Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Just Earned My 9th $5.00 Amazon Gift Card From Swagbucks!

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Tonight I submitted my order for my 9th Amazon Gift Card, earned in less than two months from Swagbucks. Six of these are already posted to my Amazon account and three are on the way there. Tomorrow is the 1st. Swagbucks fulfills the gift card requests on the 1st and 17th. You can earn up to 5 Amazon cards in one month. You can redeem them for only 450 Swagbucks--which doesn't take much time to earn. In fact, I earned my 8th card just a few days ago. There are many more prizes to choose from.

I went into my Amazon account today and sure enough my credit is there! I am making sure I save them for Christmas presents. By December, I should have enough to cover several presents. I love Swagbucks and highly recommend it!

Sign up today by clicking the box below. You will earn 30 Swagbucks just for signing up.

Search & Win

Email if you have any questions about how the program works.


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