Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Money Saving Tips

Do you want free tips on budgeting, earning, saving, investing or spending? I read the Daily Worth Newsletter each day because it offers free and easy to read tips in each of these areas.

What is Daily Worth? It is a free daily newsletter sent directly to your email focusing on money management for women.

The Daily Worth articles are short and to the point. Each article gives good money advice for women.
Do you invest in the stock market? Todays article is titled, "Making 7-10% on your investments." Every Thursday Daily Worth's articles focus on investing.

Wednesdays article gave tips on how to survive the many weddings during the summer financially (gifts, hotel stays, etc.) Every Wednesday, articles from Daily Worth focus on saving.

Monday focuses on Budgeting.
Tuesday focuses on Earning.
Wednesday focuses on Saving.
Thursday focuses on Investing.
Friday focuses on Spending.

The newsletter is free.

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